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Close Friends, Lifted Spirits, Good Care

I started this morning by making cinnamon rolls with my grandson. Then I headed off to see some friends that I haven’t seen for a long time. I met my prayer group for breakfast. Of course, there were lots of hugs and tears all around as we shared our significant moments with each other. One of the ladies couldn’t make it as she was working at the new shop that she and another opened. So after breakfast I stopped over there to see her and the new shop. It is a unique interior design shop with very cool things. We visited in between customers. It was great to see them all in person. Then I went to a party and was able to see a lot of friends all at the same time. I shared pictures of my grandkids and we caught up on what was happening with everyone. Most of my friends are in the same stage of life as me. They have older kids who are in college or marrying and have older parents who need some kind of care. It was encouraging to talk to them all. When I returned to the house, I talked to my parents who told me that my sister who broke her leg will be going into a rehabilitation center for a week. I was glad that was all set up and that she will be in a place that will help her to recover best. Later, we video chatted with them and they could see their great grandchildren. All in all it was a pretty good day. I laughed and cried with good friends, we shared common experiences, my sister is being well taken care of, and everyone spirits were lifted through video chat.

I Found God today in the intimacy of close friendships, lifted spirits, and knowing that my sister is in good care.

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