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History to Life

My grandson is hoping to make a trip at the end of the school year. He is doing some fundraising and now has a “Gofundme” page as well. His aunt – my daughter in law’s sister – wrote a beautiful paragraph toady as she helps him with his venture. I loved hearing her perspective about how relevant this trip will be for my grandson. It clearly is meaningful to her too as she passes down important stories from her family, keeping her father’s memory alive. And she took the time to help my grandson learn more about the history of our country. This is what she said:

“My nephew is raising funds to participate in his 8th grade Washington DC trip. This trip is a bit costly, so he is asking for some help to offset part of the expense. For nearly all his 14 years, he’s heard the stories of his Papa’s (my father) times protecting national monuments, while in the Honor Guard. And just this summer, my nephew met my challenge to research and recite the Gettysburg Address (as part of understanding my love for Lincoln). This trip will put a lot of stories and historical chatter into perspective for him.”

I Found God today in the involvement my grandson’s aunt has in his life to help him learn and grow as a person.

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