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Commotion and Peace

My brother stayed with my mom this morning while my dad and I went to church. We went to an earlier Mass than we usually go to, known as the “kid’s Mass”. The church was full to the brim with young families. There was a lot of action and chatter and SHH’s and a few cries here and there, but it was all good noise in my opinion. Mom’s and dad’s were making it a priority to bring their kids to church and that is a beautiful thing. The children’s choir sang for the whole celebration. They included songs from the summer’s vacation bible school, so much of the congregation was not only singing along, but clapping and doing the movements that they learned. I was part of a vibrant, exciting celebration and could really feel the Holy Spirit move. A couple of days ago, I spoke to one of the deacons about bringing Holy Communion to my mom as she is not able to go to church yet. He said I was able to take a consecrated host home with me after Mass after I went through the proper protocol, which I did. Once at home, my mom, dad, and I had a short prayer service and my mom received Communion. It was quiet and serene, and I could feel God’s presence in that moment. It was beautiful to experience God in a large, exuberant crowd and then a few minutes later to experience Him in a peaceful intimate way.

I Found God today in a large celebration and a more private setting.

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