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One Day at a Time

I was surprised and happy to get a call from a far away friend this morning. We talked briefly as we were both getting ready for the big Thanksgiving meal. She asked how things were going here. I looked around at my mom, dad, sisters and brother-in-law and said that right now, things were pretty great. My sisters and I worked hard preparing the food and getting it all on the table. As we enjoyed the meal, my mom said how grateful she was that she had family around her as she sniffed a little and wiped away a tear of joy. My dad said he was thankful that my sisters and I kept such a good relationship. I am grateful for both as well and for the teamwork to make the delicious food. When I talked with my friend, I told her that I have learned to take one day at a time. When morning comes, I thank God for the night’s sleep and to be awake. When I hear my parents getting up, I thank God for them, that they are home, and for all they provide for me. I thank Him for the day and ask for His help and guidance to face whatever comes our way. I try to thank Him during the day as well – especially in the small things. One day at a time.

I Found God today being able to be grateful one day at at time.

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