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Safe During the Storm

My brother has been traveling all around the country and Canada with his trailer and his dog. He has been staying at various campgrounds and moving on a whim. He has been staying at a particular place for over a week. It was crowded over the holiday weekend, but recently everyone moved out and he has been alone as he describes it in the middle of the campground. He called today and told us of his adventure last night. He said his dog was acting strange all day yesterday. She was visibly upset and my brother couldn’t figure out exactly why. Later that night as they were trying to sleep, he heard thunder rumbling far away. It sounded ominous, so he checked the weather. He found that there was a line of severe thunderstorms producing hail moving his direction and a tornado watch was in effect. His poor dog was beside herself by this time and he decided they should see what kind of cover they could find. He and his dog got into the truck and headed over to the office. It was midnight by this time and the people in the office were locking everything up and heading out themselves. They discussed options and my brother decided that the parking garage seemed to be the best idea. He drove into the middle of the garage to wait out the storm, reassuring his dog that everything would be ok. They sat there for an hour and a half as the storm tore through with lightning and thunder on top of each other. When things calmed down, he drove back to the site of the trailer. He was happy to see that there was no damage done. He and his dog settled down to sleep once again in the wee hours of the morning. Later he found that the storm – as serious as it was – was just ramping up as it passed by him. The storm did produce tornadoes not too far from where he was. We were all happy that he and his dog were safe.

I Found God today in safety for my brother and his dog.

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