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Yesterday when we went out the front door, we saw a couple of the baby finches standing on the edge of the nest. We weren’t sure what would happen next – were they just stretching? Were they feeling overcrowded in the nest? Or were they really ready to fly? As we watched, one of them took flight. The other just kind of hung out. We were gone for most of the afternoon, but that evening we went out to see what was going on. There was another baby bird standing on the edge of the nest. We made our way past the nest and down the front stairs. From there, we looked back at the nest. As we watched, the baby bird flew – first into the window where it clung to the edge, then out of the porch area and zig zagged to the trees. Now we could see there was at least one bird left in the nest. This morning my brother said that when he and his dog went for a walk early in the morning, he heard one bird just peeping away in the nest all by itself. This afternoon when I went out, all was quiet. I felt certain the nest was empty. I hooked up my phone to the selfie stick and took a look. It was indeed empty. The baby birds found their independence. We surely enjoyed being able to witness the development of the birds from eggs to fledglings. It was exciting and beautiful.

I Found God today witnessing the development of the baby birds.

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