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Remembering When

Today I took my mom to a Parkinson’s exercise class to see if it would be a good match for her. I sat in the little waiting area and watched as she did the stretches and movements. The people teaching the class and helping were super nice, patient, and attentive. There was another person sitting in the waiting area as well and we got to talking. He grew up in the city and stayed working there for a few years after college. Then he moved to another state with more opportunities. He was here visiting and had taken his dad to the class. He graduated from high school 2 years after I did. The city was much smaller at that time. We talked all about high school rivalries and our perception of the local colleges. We remembered places we used to visit and what they were like at that time. And we talked about the many changes to our once small city and what it is like to come back after a few years. It was really entertaining talking with him like we knew each other.

I Found God today having an enjoyable conversation with someone I just met.

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