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Origin of Man

My brother who lives in another state is here to visit for a couple of days. My other brother is here also. They are both computer programmers/engineers. When they get together with my dad the previous physics teacher, there are always various in-depth conversations. Most of the time I listen for a while, then move on to doing something else as I have no idea what they are talking about. But at dinner, one brother started talking about the reasons we don’t or can’t send people to Mars. This reminded me of a show I watched a couple of weeks ago explaining the idea that humans are actually martians. The premise is that Mars was once inhabited and that some catastrophe happened that made the planet unlivable. So the “people” there came to the Earth and started over. I actually love sci-fi, and we had a lively discussion about this theory and the origin of man. It was thought-provoking and intriguing to think of possibilities and how God fits into all of creation.

I Found God today pondering the origin of man.

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