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Back on the Road

A couple of years ago, my older brother bought a truck, a trailer, and a dog. His long time dream was to retire and travel, which he started doing. He came to the city here last Spring and has spent the Summer. He would go between our house, the cabin in the mountains, and my sister’s farm. During this time, he was a tremendous help. I was able to take care of many doctor’s appointments for myself that needed to be done. I got a little extra time for myself here and there. And he spent a lot of time with my dad doing projects – both here and at the cabin. These were things that I couldn’t do – such as figuring out how to repair things and computer stuff. And then there was the trip to see the eclipse in Idaho. I guess we kept him pretty busy. During the last couple of weeks, he has been preparing himself, his trailer, and his dog to begin the next leg of their journey. His goal was to head out before the snow. He left today and made it safely to his first destination. We will miss him and his dog. I am happy for him to be able to do what he has always wanted. And I am super grateful for everything he did while he was here.

I Found God today in my brother’s kindness and unselfishness.

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