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Interwoven Lives

My mom and I are excited for craft fair season, so we visited a couple of them today. We had lunch at one and found a place to sit in the small crowded seating area. As I was getting our food, an elderly woman asked my mom if there was a spare seat. The table was set for 3, so my mom invited her to join us. The woman told us that her daughter attends the church we were in and that she visited her each year. As we talked more, we learned that the woman was 87 years old and that her husband died 5 years ago. He also had Parkinson’s. We talked a little about the disease and she shared what was helpful for her. She talked about care giving and the family dynamic. It is always interesting meeting and chatting with new people. I find that if you talk long enough with someone, you will find a connection of some kind. And I can learn something from each person I meet. To me, it shows how we are truly one big family and our lives are intertwined in ways that we can’t even imagine. I remember at a retreat one time, a speaker talked about how our lives are like a tapestry. On the back it can look like a tangled mess, full of strings and knots. But on the other side there is a beautifully woven design. I think that is true not only of individual lives, but also of our lives interacting with one another.

I Found God today realizing how our lives intertwine with each other.

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