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Helpful Info and Community

My mom does a lot of reading and stays abreast of current events, nutrition, and medical information. Today she read an article about Parkinson’s Disease that gave her a new perspective of her illness. It said the big problem is that the brain forgets how to do normal things such as walking and even talking. However, if a person practices something over and over again, the brain can remember. My mom goes to exercise classes twice a week. She and the other participants say how helpful it is and makes them feel better. They work on a variety of exercises including dexterity, large and small motor skills, and balance. But, she explained, it only lasts a little while. The things that we take for granted, she has to think about doing. So, while she continues to struggle through this disease, we are grateful for the class, the people who are so committed to helping, and to the Parkinson’s community we have found.

I Found God today in helpful information and community.

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