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Twins Perhaps

I took my mom to a doctor’s appointment this afternoon. As usual, I looked around the waiting room and took notice of who was there. I try not to stare, but I do like to people watch. Sitting near us was an older couple. The more I noticed, the more I realized they looked almost identical, even though it was a man and a woman. They both had their hair trimmed very short and it was the same darkish, grayish mix. They were both wearing similar glasses, the same kind of blue polo shirt, blue jeans, and white and blue tennis shoes. I wondered if they were a married couple, or if they were actually twin siblings. While they were seated, a doctor came out and talked to them. They got up to leave and held hands. My mom noted how cute they were. I don’t know their relationship, but I do know they clearly and openly shared their love for one another.

I Found God today in a cute, loving couple.

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