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Thankful Notes

Yesterday I spent the day in the kitchen getting ready for the Thanksgiving meal. I saw an idea of baking “thankful notes” in the dinner rolls – like a fortune cookie. I thought that was a great idea. I asked my mom what she was thankful for this year, made each one into a note and baked them into the homemade rolls. It was a fun surprise for people to open at the meal. Here is the list:

Grateful for family that lives close by and gets to visit.
Thankful for health and that no one had a hospital stay in 1 year.
Grateful for our homes.
Thankful for the piano and ability to play and enjoy music.
Grateful for technology – medically such as pacemakers and communications so we can see and talk to people far away.

Thankful for friends who stay close.
Grateful to live in such a beautiful place.
Thankful to be able to experience nature – animals, plants, sunrises, sunsets.
Grateful for the jobs and money to afford the necessities.
Thankful for new and helpful people and experiences.
Grateful for faith, trust, hope, love.
Thankful for a mind capable of thought.

I Found God today being grateful through my mom’s view.

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