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Children in Church

When we attend church, we always sit in the back. This is also where the large baptismal font is located. The other morning during Mass, there was an adorable little boy just learning to walk who was holding on as he practiced walking around and around the font as his dad followed him. At the end of Mass, the priest asked all the children to come to the altar for a special blessing. The little boy’s siblings made their way up the long aisle, so naturally the boy wanted to go too. His dad held his hands and everyone waited for him to walk to the front. It was precious. After the blessing, another little boy ran out of the church, with a sibling running behind to catch him. This reminded my mom of when my older brother ran away from her at church when she was pregnant. She had 2 other little ones also, and my brother knew she couldn’t catch him. Evidently he eventually returned on his own. Today’s Advent meditation encouraged families to take their children to church and we thought of these particular events. There is no doubt that it is difficult to bring young children to church. But I’m sure that the children participating in the blessing felt pretty special being called up to the altar and having everyone pray for them.

I Found God today in a reminder how important it is to bring children to church and include them in the celebration.

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