Singing Through Death

A friend of mine commented on yesterday’s post with a beautiful story of her own as she sang to her mother during her death. I will share it as my post for the day.

“Yes, God gives you graces you never dreamed of. I, too, was singing out loud when my mother took her last breath. It was Easter Monday and I was singing “He Lives!” It was an amazing experience! We were alone in her room and on the chorus, it was like she tried to sing with me so I said, “Oh, you want to sing too?!” Then I continued, knowing she was listening. When I started the 4th verse, “Rejoice, rejoice, he Christian, lift up your voice and sing….” she took one deep breath ( her only one!—the last, no slower or slower or “death rattle!”) and I paused after each phrase, waiting for another breath, until I got to the chorus and realized: SHE’S GONE! SHE ISN’T HERE ANYMORE! I pressed the button to call the hospice nurse and kept right in singing the chorus as she came in! I realized when I had sung “Eternal hallelujah to Jesus Christ the King” she was already there singing to Him! The last nurse had been Catholic and asked if she could pray the Divine Mercy Chaplet over my mom. I told her I am Catholic, but my mom is Christian ( Church of the Nazarene) and we both prayed the Chaplet over her. It gives me great comfort and confidence. What a blessing to recount it to others!!”

I Found God today in another story of a daughter ushering her mother through death.

2 comments on “Singing Through Death

  1. Oh, Tammy! I am SO BLESSED to read that in print. THANK YOU. It means a lot to me even now. I appreciate YOU so much and pray for your family in my prayer journal, especially your parents. I love reading your blogs every day.


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