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Back to Class

My mom has had a long 2-week break from here Parkinson’s exercise class. During that time, she did exercises at home just about every day including the exercise bike and the Wii. Today was the first day back to the class and my mom was wondering how difficult it would be for her. We usually are the last ones in and many times are a few minutes late. But today, my mom got up a little bit early and we were able to leave the house earlier. We were the first ones in the room – even before the teacher. As I watched the class exercise with the elastic bands, I wondered myself how my mom was doing. But, as usual, she surprised herself and me. She felt pretty good after the workout and had good energy for the rest of the day. I was proud of her especially for doing all the work at home to keep herself moving.

I Found God today in my mom’s stamina and determination.

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