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Crazy Medical Costs

I had dinner with some friends tonight. We always have a good time with interesting conversation. Tonight we got on the topic of overpriced medical care. One of my friends’ mom has been having problems with her vision for a couple of years now and has been getting a shot in her eye every month. Little has changed during that time, so they want to try something different. This new medication cost $2000 for each injection. She is supposed to have one a month for three months in a row. Her insurance would pay for part of the cost, but would leave her with hundreds of dollars every month. The woman lives on a fixed income of social security and cannot make that kind of payment. She spoke with her doctor’s office and told them she would be unable to try the new treatment. The doctor’s office made some phone calls and connected her with an organization that would help pay for the injections. She will now only be responsible for $5 per shot. That was great news. We joked that for that much money, she should be able to see like Superman when she is done.

I Found God today in financial help for a woman who needs it.

One comment on “Crazy Medical Costs

  1. Hi Tammy I read your blog everyday and am very Inspired each time. I was not surprised at the price of the injection in the ladies eye. Ben has macular degeneration and gets injections in his right eye very 8 weeks now has been for over 2 years now, sometimes it changes of the time he has to go as it depends on how his eye is doing, at one time he was going every 4 weeks. We have never had to pay much except a $20 copay and every once in a while $80 The shots are very expensive Bens is $1600 just for the injection plus the exams and pics they have to take each visit. Ben has a Wonderful, Compassionate, Smart Dr. who we just love and he always makes sure we are going to be covered each new injection he may try there are always ways for them to save you money for sure. It is a hereditary condition for Ben as his mother had this and he has a sister and a brother who get injections too and each of them lost their sight in one eye, the injections are to save their sight. Ben will have these for the rest of his life not a pleasant thing to go thru for sure but something he has to do. Take Care Tammy and keep writing your inspirational blog..


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