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Live Like Magi

Today at church the priest spoke about the Gospel reading of the Epiphany and a homily by Pope Francis. It was a message that really spoke to my heart. There were 3 basic themes: Look up, take the journey, share your gifts. First, we know that our world is in a bad way and it is very easy to get sucked into the catastrophic media hype. This distracts us from the reality that there is goodness in the world and that God wants that good for us. We need to remember to look up, to see God, to focus on things that are loving and true. Then, we need to trust enough to take the journey of life. God has given us this one life and we should live it well. Once we find God, we can more easily realize the path He has set out for us. And that path is the one that will bring us the most fulfillment. He has also given each of us specific gifts and talents. When we share those with others, we are truly living God’s plan for our lives. I know I need to work on all of these things. I hope to remember to start at the beginning by looking up, remembering God is in control, and asking Him for what I need to live each day as I should.

I Found God today in a reminder to look up, take the journey, and share my gifts.

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