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Movie Night

My mom hasn’t been to a movie in a theater for years. Recently, she heard about the new “Jumanji” movie. She loves the old one with Robin Williams. Some people at her Parkinson’s exercise class and some older ladies I talked to saw it and thought it was pretty cute. We decided to go this afternoon with my dad and son. I was most concerned that it would be overwhelming for my mom – too loud, too exciting. She can get wound up watching football on TV. The theater had stadium seating with large, cushioned recliners, so it was super comfortable. My mom removed her hearing aids watching the previews because it was so loud. I glanced at her from time to time during the movie and heard her giggle every now and again. When the movie ended, she took a few seconds to get her feet under her, but was fine. She really enjoyed the movie and the experience.

I Found God today seeing my mom enjoy her movie night.

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