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Super Support Group

Today my mom and I went to the monthly Parkinson’s support group. This month, we broke into 2 groups – the Parkinsonians and the caregivers. Many of the caregivers talked about what a blessing the group has been to them and their loved ones. There is so much information and wisdom that is shared. Everyone truly cares about one another and about helping each other. When a new person started tearing up because of the new diagnosis, she was met with hugs and empathy. When a woman who just lost her husband spoke, she was met with the same. When someone talked about a struggle they were having, others shared their same struggle and/or how they were dealing with it. There was another woman who lost her husband to Parkinson’s 2 years ago, but she still comes to the group as it is such a source of support for her. And she still has knowledge to share. My mom and I have learned so much from the group and I am sure it has helped bring improvement to her health. It was wonderful to spend part of the morning in the company of such loving, helpful people.

I Found God today in a group of loving, caring people.

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