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God In Many Strangers

My mom had her first cataract surgery today. It was a very, very long day with more waiting than anything. But all went well and we were finally home resting after 6 hours. We read our Lent meditation at dinner about seeing God in others and reviewed the day. There were several instances that we thought of.

When we arrived in the surgery clinic, the place was packed. There were two spaces available on a sofa with a gentleman wearing an eye patch sitting on one end. My parents sat down and I pulled up a chair. The old man started chatting right away. He was very humorous, saying how it was so cold that his teeth were chattering which was interesting as he left them at home and how he hoped his eye surgery would improve his looks. We wished him good luck as he did to us when he left. It was an uplifting way to begin the day.

When I was waiting for my mom in the restroom, a woman was telling her friend about how she witnesses to strangers about Jesus. One time she met a woman who was new to the area and suggested a church to her that was nearby. The stranger then told her she had been praying to find a good church near her. The woman was humbled that God used her to answer the stranger’s prayers.

A dad had brought in his young son for an eye procedure. The boy was in surgery the same time as my mom. While we were in the waiting room, a friend of the dad brought him some lunch. Small but a beautiful act of kindness.

I Found God today in many strangers around me.

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