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Little Speaker

My mom has an old iPad that she uses for her games, email, and such. She has always struggled to hear it, even when the volume is all the way up. At one point, my brother made a way for her to hook it into the stereo speakers, but that seemed to be too complicated. The other day I found some exercise videos that she can do when she doesn’t get to her class. Today was one of those days, so we tried it out. She again had a very hard time hearing it, especially since she had to be a distance away from the pad. I suddenly thought of those little speakers that you can buy and connect to the pad. I’m not sure why I didn’t think of it before. I went to the store this afternoon and looked at the speaker options. I wasn’t even sure if the old pad had Bluetooth capability. A very nice sales person helped me figure out what to get for a very cheap price. When I got home, we charged the little speaker and tried it out. Turns out the pad was able to connect without a wire. We put on a video and walked around with the little speaker. It worked great and will be so helpful for my mom.

I Found God today in device that will help my mom tremendously.

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