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Appreciating Vision

When I was young, my eyesight was terrible. So bad, that I couldn’t even make out the largest letter on the eye chart. I dealt with glasses for years, then moved to contacts. As a young adult, I used to go camping and to lakes during most of the summer. Having contacts made it difficult to do the things I wanted to and to be able to see at the same time. A friend of mine had surgery on her eyes to correct her vision. She did very well and enjoyed her new-found freedom. It didn’t take long before I had the surgery myself. I can still vividly remember opening my eye the day following the first surgery. I could see individual blades of grass and needles on the pine trees. I still say it was the best money I ever spent on myself. That was about 25 years ago. Since then, I have made sure to take good care of my eyes and have had no problems, except for needing reading glasses as I age. I moved out of the area 20 years ago and when I returned, I realized the eye doctor who did the surgery was still practicing. So I vowed to return to him. Perhaps my mom’s cataract surgery gave me the push I needed. When I called to inquire, I was surprised that they still had my name in their records. Today was the day of the appointment. The doctor was happy to see the results of the surgery 25 years later and I was happy to tell him how much I enjoy the amazing eyesight he gave to me. The vision has barely changed and I got a clean bill of health. It was great to see this doctor after all these years and again appreciate the gift of my vision.

I Found God today appreciating the doctor and medical technology that has given me tremendous vision.

One comment on “Appreciating Vision

  1. Wonderful blog! So happy for you. I thank God for my vision, too. 

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