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The Lonely Widow

My mom and I planned on going for a walk today, but we missed our window of opportunity in the morning. The wind picked up and the clouds came over. By the afternoon, we were itching to get out, so we bundled up and headed down the sidewalk. After a bit, we spotted a person walking our direction. When the woman reached us, she stopped to say hello in a heavy German accent. She said that she lived on the next street over. She said her husband had passed away a few months ago and that she has daughters, but they’re busy, but she was happy to get out and breathe some fresh air. My mom recognized the German accent and told her about her German parents. She asked what part of Germany she was from. The woman proceeded to tell us her story. She lived in East Germany after WWII when the Russians were in control. The Russians treated the Germans horribly and at the age of 19, the woman fled into West Germany. She never saw her family again and has no idea what happened to them. Once in West Germany, she tried her best to support herself. She met her husband there, who was an American military man. He spoke German as his parents were German. He was working as an interpreter and was interviewing people to pass along information as to what was happening in the area. When he left, the two stayed in touch. Eventually, the young man encouraged the young woman to come to the United States. She was having a difficult time making a living as West Germany was now inundated with people. Times were tough. The man’s parents’ put up the money for the woman to make the trip, which she eventually did. She made sure we knew that she paid them back the $600. She was able to find work, save some money, and yes, marry that man. I cannot imagine the courage and perseverance it took for her to leave her family under such duress and make her way in the world. As we parted ways, the woman told us her name and where she lived. She invited us to come by any time. Clearly this woman was lonely and needed someone to talk to. By following the promptings within, my mom and I went out for our walk at just the time to meet up with her, find a connection, and take the time to listen to her story.

I Found God today in His timing to be able to give an ear to a lonely widow.

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