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Influencing Lives

Lent is over and Easter has arrived. My parents, sister, and I went to the early Mass. We were grateful that we arrived in plenty of time to get seats. Evidently after the church filled up, they seated the overflow crowd in the lower level where there was a live feed set up. I really enjoyed all the Easter music and the Alleluias. After church, my other sister and her husband came over. We had a delicious meal and lots of homemade candy. And we had a lot of laughter and conversation. At one of the caregiver’s events that I attended, I received a deck of cards that have questions on them. The purpose is to get to know more about your loved ones. We went through a couple of them and it was really interesting. One question was, “What was your favorite subject in school and why?” My dad said that his favorite was physics, which was not surprising to anyone. He told us that he really enjoyed his teacher – that he was always demonstrating things and doing experiments. He made the class exciting. That is why my dad wanted to be a physics teacher. During the high school class, my dad did some research on his own, wrote a paper and showed it to his teacher. The teacher was so impressed, he hung it on his bulletin board. Years later, my dad went to college and was learning how to teach. He had to practice teach, so he contacted his physics teacher. When he went into the old classroom, he saw that his paper was still hanging on the bulletin board. That teacher made such a huge impression on my dad, it really directed his life. I don’t think we give enough credit or thought as to how much we can influence people. The priest at church today challenged us not to be afraid to share our faith with others. He talked about how it can make a difference in someone’s life perhaps without us even knowing it.

I Found God today hearing a great example of how one person can influence another’s life.

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