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Not All There Is

The scripture I read today was about Mary of Magdala’s encounter with the risen Jesus Christ. Then I read the beautiful meditation written by Bishop Robert Barron. He talked about how we can live our life with the thought that this world is all there is. We “live our lives with the reasonable assumption that the natural world as we’ve come to know it is the final framework of our lives and activities. And one of the most powerful and frightening features of the natural world is death.” He goes on to challenge the thought of death being the end all based on the person and Resurrection of Jesus Christ. “The Resurrection of Jesus from the dead shows as definitively as possible that God is up to something greater than we had imagined or thought possible. And therefore we don’t have to live as though death were our master. In light of the Resurrection, we can begin to see this world as a place of gestation, a place of growth and maturation toward something higher, more permanent, and more splendid.” These words did challenge the way I think and live each day. I hope to keep them more in my mind.

I Found God today in a reminder that the natural world we love in is not all there is.

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