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Gushed Over

Today I took my mom to get new eyeglasses. We dropped off my dad at his favorite hair cutting place for men with a Starbucks next door. When my mom and I had finished ordering her glasses (which took longer than anticipated), I tried calling my dad to let him know that we were on our way. There was no answer, so I sent him a text and headed over. When we arrived at Starbucks, we didn’t see him coming out so I went in to look for him. He wasn’t there, so I went next door to the Sport Clips. He was still sitting in the hair stylist’s chair. She immediately reacted by saying that she was making him look like a movie star. She was finishing him up with plenty of combing and some spray. She kept saying, “Doesn’t he look great?” and “Ohhh…” in the tone of voice you use when you see a puppy. My dad was beaming and did look particularly handsome. After we left, he told my mom and I that he received the works – not because he asked for it, but because that is what she provided. He got a shave, hot towel facial, eyebrow and even ear hair trim, head massage, shampoo, and yes – finally a haircut too. She changed the cut to one she thought would be best. Like I said, he did look particularly handsome, so she did a great job. All the pampering and gushing over made my dad feel pretty special.

I Found God today in the happiness my dad received from a particularly attentive person.

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