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Tiny Prayer Plants

For the past couple of years, I have planted flowers in the pots outside the front door. I need to wait until after the possibility of frost, so I have been putting them out Memorial weekend. Last year I planted some seeds directly into the pots. They grew beautifully, but it took such a long time. By the time the plants were full grown and in full bloom, it was almost Fall. This year, I got some seeds and decided to give them a head start indoors. The other day I got a tray of soil pods and filled them with the seeds. When I checked on them today, I saw a couple of little sprouts popping up. I was pretty excited. Later in the morning, I read a reflection of the day. It said, “Prayer is the soil in which grace can grow,” and it included a picture of tiny plant buds in small soil pods. I loved the connection.

I Found God today in tiny plants connected with prayer.

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