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Playing Police

It has been super windy outside, but it calmed down enough this evening to take a decent walk. As I passed a park, I saw a police car parked in the adjacent empty parking lot. I saw the police officer out of the car and then spotted a dog running towards him. I saw K9 on the side of the vehicle and realized the German Shepard had a vest on. The officer gave the dog a command and he lied down. The man then picked up a ball and threw it. The dog ran like crazy to retrieve it. I watched them play as I walked by and smiled. I thought about what a tough job they both have and how nice it must be for them to take some time out to just play. I lost sight of them as I turned the corner and when I came to a place where I could see the street again, they were gone. I wished I could have thanked the officer for his protection, but I said a prayer of thanksgiving and protection for the 2 officers.

I Found God today watching a police team enjoy some play time.

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