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Remembering Progress

My mom has been getting dizzy on and off again. We were happy to be able to get into our favorite physical therapist who has helped her in the past. The last time we saw her was about a year ago. At that time, my mom had come out of the hospital and rehab. The physical therapist worked with her on balance, strength, and dizziness. When she discharged her, she encouraged her to keep up with the exercises. Today as we spoke to the therapist, we were happy to report the progress that my mom has made over the past year and that she was attending an exercise class. Even with the small medical incidents that have popped up during the year, it gave me a realization of how far she has come. It is helpful to remember that from time to time. And yes, the therapist evaluated her and I’m sure will be able to help her get over this hurdle as well.

I Found God today remembering the progress my mom has made.

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