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Surprise Luxury

Today my mom’s friend came over as usual to visit and play the piano. One of the ladies in the neighborhood loves listening to them play, so they invited her over. She is just a lovely person who has always been very sweet and helpful to us and people in the neighborhood. She brought a vase of flowers with her – a little sunshine for the house. She told us about her recent birthday. Her daughter purchased a room for her and her husband at the fanciest hotel in the city. It is something she never would have done for herself. When she arrived, she was taken to the penthouse. The hotel has upgraded the room which was a complete surprise to them. She described the view of the city on one side and the nature scene on the other. She said she didn’t sleep very well as she just wanted to enjoy the luxury. She was very humbled by the opportunity and pampering she received. I was glad she enjoyed her much deserved get away.

I Found God today hearing how a friend humbly enjoyed a get away.

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