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Ring in the Trash

Today a friend told me about a “God Sighting” she had. On Sunday, she was getting ready for church and took off her ring to put on lotion. The ring is made from a diamond that belonged to her grandmother. At church, she realized she didn’t have the ring on and made a mental note to look for it when she got home. Once home, she and her husband searched the house to no avail. She thought it may have accidentally ended up on the trash which bad been gathered up and put in the large can for collection the next day. She meticulously went through the large trash bag taking items out one at a time, even sifting through the mushy gunk at the bottom. Still no luck. She went to bed that night praying for God’s help to find the only heirloom that she owned. The next morning she decided to sift through the trash one more time before it went out to the curb. She started taking items out again one at a time. Suddenly, she saw something shiny. There was the ring sitting on top of the pile, as clean and shiny as new. Needless to say, my friend was elated and praised God the rest of the day for his goodness.

I Found God today in miraculous help.

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