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Long Marriage

My parents celebrated their 66th wedding anniversary today. I made sure to tell the physical therapist when I took my mom this morning. The 2 therapists in their late twenties who were working with my mom were very impressed. They asked my mom what the secret was. She gave her standard answer, “Just be nice to each other.” One of the therapists responded that you first have to find someone that you want to be nice to for a very long time. We talked about relationships and how marriage is a conscious choice to love. The “in love” feeling can go away and problems arise, but a married love is the commitment to be there for and take care of the other person. Unfortunately, this seems very hard to come by. The young adults talked about how most of the people they know are not married, but some have children by different partners. People truly want a loving, committed relationship, but don’t seem to be able to make it happen, which leaves us sad and hurt. Then we end up fearful and not wanting to trust. My parents grew up in a different time for sure, but it was more supportive of a long term marriage. The most beautiful thing that I find in my parent’s marriage is that even though they struggle with their short term memory, they remember and reminisce about when they were young together and the many years they have spent together. We did much of that when we went to dinner to celebrate.

I Found God today appreciating my parent’s long marriage.

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