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Active Spring Wildlife

Since it was supposed to be a gorgeous day today, my parents and I made a trip to the cabin in mountains. When we were only about 15 minutes away, my mom commented on the fact that we had not seen any wildlife at all, which was unusual. That was about to change. We came to the spot where we have seen the bighorn sheep before and were disappointed that there were none in sight. As we rounded the next corner, I saw a truck stopped on the opposite side of the road. I slowed down and we spotted the sheep, so I stopped also. There were about 7 adults relaxing in the meadow below and 3 babies up on the edge of the road. One of them was just getting his horns. I was so enthralled with watching them, I never even thought about taking a picture. When a car came up behind me, we moved on. We went around a couple more turns and saw something moving in the marshy area. It was a large coyote who was stalking rodents. When we got to the cabin, we put the bird feeders out on the deck. It took a while for the birds to find them, and the junco showed up first. They are floor feeders and there were no seeds on the floor yet. So, my dad put some seeds out for him. He came back and was so happy to have his own little stash. Suddenly, he ducked underneath the water dish that was also on the deck. Just then, a red-tailed hawk swooped down. Had that junco not seen him, he would have been lunch. After a while, all the “regulars” showed up at the feeders – even the hummingbirds, although we didn’t have their feeders out. The chipmunks and squirrels also came out of hiding to make sure they got their fair share. On the way home, we saw a herd of about 30 deer. Many of them were just starting to get their antlers. Towards the end of the mountain road, we saw some large dark birds gathered together. They were “lumbering” – moving different from other birds I recognized. Then I saw the red head. It was a group of turkey vultures. It was surprising and joyful to see such different wildlife than we usually see on a beautiful Spring day in the mountains.

I Found God today in the active and diverse wildlife.

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