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Exercise Like a Beast

Today the Parkinson’s support group that we attend held a Symposium. They had a vast number of speakers, demonstrations, and exhibits. A few weeks ago, we learned that the teacher of my mom’s exercise class would be giving a presentation. Last week, she asked my mom if she would help her out by demonstrating one of the class exercises. My mom was nervous about her balance, so the teacher promised she wouldn’t make her do something too hard. My mom agreed. She was up bright and early this morning and did some warm-ups. Before the presentation, the teacher told my mom that she brought the ropes with her and wanted my mom to show how she could whip them up and down. My mom is really good at that and it is one of her favorite exercises. A couple other participants and my mom went up on the stage with the teacher and some of the interns who help in the class. The teacher explained the exercise, got my mom into position standing on one of the cushion mats to challenge her balance just a little, and had her go at it. The teacher counted down as my mom whipped the ropes up and down while holding a squat standing on a cushion. The audience cheered her on as she got close to the end, then gave her a big round of applause. The teacher then told everyone that my mom just turned 86 years old and that when she first came to the class, she was happy that could ride 2 minutes on the exercise bike. Now, she exercises like a beast. For the rest of the day, everyone told her what a great job she did. I am just in awe of the hard work my mom puts in every single day so that she can function the best she can. And, I am so grateful for all the people who help and encourage her.

I Found God today as my mom shared her progress to encourage others, and the encouragement she received.

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