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Miraculous Staircase

When my cousins left here, they were headed to Santa Fe and planned on stopping by the Loretto Chapel. The chapel was once a Catholic Church and now is a museum. It holds the “Miraculous Staircase”, named as such due to the amazing circular structure that still baffles experts. The builder is also unknown. It is said that the nuns prayed for someone to come and fix the problem of getting into the choir loft. On the last day of their novena, a man showed up on a donkey with some tools looking for work. When he was finished, he vanished without pay or thanks. My parents and cousins talked about the chapel and my mom remembered how she sat for a long time in the chapel listening to a live instrumental group that was there. Today she opened up one of her magazines, and there was an article about the place. I also talked to my cousins who were able to visit the chapel and really loved it. It is funny how you get talking about something and suddenly it shows up everywhere. The story of the chapel is intriguing, and I felt the joy from the people who visited there.

I Found God today in an amazing story of a miraculous staircase.

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