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A friend of mine who happens to be a priest always shares his homilies and I love reading them now that I live far away. When I read his words, it reminds me why and how much my faith grew when I was able to hear him in person. Tomorrow we celebrate the SOLEMNITY OF THE MOST HOLY BODY AND BLOOD OF CHRIST (CORPUS CHRISTI). He wrote about first Communions, last Communions, and every one in between. The first paragraph of his homily was so moving:

“Earlier this week, I was called to the ICU at the hospital for an urgent call for someone who was near death. The person in question had been away from the Church, away from the Mass, away from the Eucharist for more than 50 years. They wanted nothing more on that day to be reconciled. I spent some time in conversation, and then brought the grace that comes from the Anointing of the Sick, and the Sacrament of Reconciliation. Then I said, “Would you like to receive Holy Communion?” Their eyes widened incredulous, “Is that possible?” “Absolutely,” I said. “Your sins have been forgiven and God wants to be close to you.” We prayed again and then I gave communion to someone with the most beaming face I’ve ever seen. As I left that hospital room, all I could hear repeating over and over was, “Thank you Jesus. Thank you Jesus. Thank you Jesus.”

You can read the entire homily on his blog here if you like.

I Found God today in heart touching words from a treasured friend.

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  1. We read the whole homily. Thanks.

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