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African Priest Connection

Today at church, we had a priest visiting from Tanzania. He came to talk about the destitution that is there and try to rally some financial support for a school he is building. He talked about the celebration of the Feast of the Body and Blood of Jesus Christ today. Catholics are connected by this common belief. When they celebrate Mass in Tanzania, they are doing the same prayers and reflecting on the same Scripture readings that we are here in the United States. So, we are connected through the Mass. He also reminded us that we all make up the spiritual Body of Christ and brought a gift for the parish. It was a sculpture made from the hard trees in Africa. The carving depicted a person lifting up another person, lifting up another and so on. He explained that this is how we are meant to live our lives here on earth. We lift one another up, give each other a little boost, and help each other get to Heaven. Even though it was hard to understand the priest, I really enjoyed listening to his message.

I Found God today in the connection with a priest and parish in Africa.

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