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Vocal Vet

I went to the post office today to mail some packages. I guess I went at just the right time, as there was only 1 person in line in front of me. As I waited, though, the line grew behind me. A woman struck up a conversation with the man behind me and it was hard not to listen as I wrote the information on the boxes. The man was an Army veteran. He walked with a cane, had a limp, and wore a brace on his arm. I didn’t hear exactly how he received those injuries, but he had been deployed to Iran 4 times over several years. Without going into detail, he said that his job was to go so that others could get out. He said he suffered from PTSD as well. The woman asked him several questions and repeatedly thanked him for his service and for his sacrifice. She was very exuberant and he seemed willing to talk a little about his experience. It was an interesting exchange that made me more aware of the pain and suffering that our military members sustain and the impact that their lives have on others.

I Found God today in a military veteran.

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