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Story of a Close Call

We enjoyed having one of our neighbors over this afternoon. Before they moved here last year, they went to their final doctors’ visits. The husband saw his cardiologist who found that his heart was basically in distress and he had emergency surgery. He and his wife talked about the surgery in detail. The doctors basically froze him on the operating table as they removed and replaced sections of his heart. There was a period of time in which his heart was not beating at all. He was technically no longer alive. I asked if he remembered anything during that time, but he did not. Once they finished working on his heart, they had to get the blood back flowing and warm him up again. When he was in the recovery room, his wife and daughter kept talking to him and asking questions to see if there had been any damage to his brain during that time. It was quite a story to hear. The doctors said that his heart was in such bad shape, that the physical stress from the move would likely have killed him. Our friends were so grateful for the doctors, amazing technology, and for a full recovery. They figured that he hadn’t quite finished the life that God gave him to live.

I Found God today in a story of surgery and healing.

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