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Encountering Strangers

My sister contacted me to share her experience with a stranger she met on the bus today. She has been doing her best to take the bus to work and back to avoid wear on the car, gas and parking expenses, and the stress of driving into the city. When she got off work today and got on the bus, she saw an empty seat next to a young woman and sat down. They exchanged pleasantries and the woman asked my sister if she wanted to hear a nice story. Of course, my sister did. The woman said that this morning she stopped to purchase a cup of coffee before beginning her day. While she was there, an elderly man using a walker came up to her and told her how beautiful she was. He said she reminded him of his wife who had passed away not too long ago. She had blond hair and green eyes just like his wife. He went on to tell her about his family, his career, and his story. He also told her that he only had 6 months to live. He said that just seeing her today really lifted his spirits. He said he would think of her and asked if she would think of him too. She was doing just that as she tearfully shared his story with my sister. And who knows how many other people will hear about him. The encounter was very moving and I said a prayer for all the people involved. Perhaps others will do the same and bless the elderly man, his family, and the woman sharing his life story. My sister was in awe of her own encounter with the young woman and had to share her “God sighting”.

I Found God today in meaningful encounters with strangers.

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