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No Shot Today

Along with several other issues, my mom has osteoporosis. Because of this and the fact that she is a high fall risk due to the Parkinson’s, her arthritis doctor recommended she receive a medication to help improve her bone density. This medication would be administered through an IV and would last for 1 year, but she would likely feel pretty bad for a couple of days. When we were contacted to set up the appointment, I talked to the nurse about all her conditions. She said to check with her other doctors to get their opinion. I learned more about the infusion and possible side effects and was not at all in favor of this plan. I don’t want to have anything done to my mom that is going to mess up something else, but I understand that it should be a preventative. I spoke with her other doctors and they recommended the medication. So, we scheduled the appointment for today and I started praying about it. Today was the Feast of the Assumption of Mary. We went to Mass last night, as we anticipated that my mom wouldn’t feel very good today. This morning before the appointment, I texted my family and encouraged them to say a Hail Mary for my mom. When we arrived at the hospital, they checked my mom’s vitals and such. After reviewing all her information, the nurse informed us that my mom’s weight was too low. She said the medication is filtered through the kidney’s, and it would be too strong of a dose for my mom at this point. She said she didn’t want to take a risk of messing anything else up in my mom. I totally agreed and couldn’t get my mom out of there fast enough. We got a call from her doctor this afternoon to meet and talk about other options. I texted my family back and thanked them for the fast and effective prayers.

I Found God today in answered prayers.

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