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Persistent Attitude

When I lived in this area many years ago, I used to enjoy going to the “Parade of Homes” and looking at the newest and fanciest houses. My mom really loved it too. We saw it advertised this year and my mom wanted to go. So, we reviewed the locations, bought some tickets, and headed out this afternoon. We visited the 7000 square foot home that caught my mom’s eye. She took a couple breaks and didn’t make it to the upper levels of the house, but did get to see the majority of the place. We enjoyed looking at the decor, the creative floor plan, and the beautiful view. My mom said she had a very good time. She said she knows that she is never going to feel “really good”, but she does want to do as much as she can and enjoy doing things she likes to do – even if it is on a much smaller scale. She has such a beautiful attitude.

I Found God today in my mom’s persistent attitude.

One comment on “Persistent Attitude

  1. Yes!!! That was one of MY favorite things to do there, too! We actually found a good house with a floor plan we liked and later, got another house just like it in a community we loved! We do not have a comparable “Parade” here. Wish we did!!


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