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Heading Towards the Light

I was out today and as I was about to head home, there was a terrific storm. I didn’t want to get hail damage on the car, so took a couple seconds to think about what to do. Of course, my phone was blowing up with weather alerts. I looked at the radar and saw the bright red patch basically right over me and wondered if I should stay to wait it out. Judging from the radar, the storm had already passed the place I was heading. I looked at the sky and saw the dark clouds with rapid lightning directly above. But the sky was brighter in the direction I would be going. Decision made, I got on the road as the rain started coming down heavy. I thought about different places I could stop along the way if it would begin to hail. As I drove, the rain was pounding on the car and every once in a while there would be a big splat of a hail stone. The water was flowing down the streets. I kept watching the sky and heading toward the bright spot. I turned off my path a couple of times, hoping to get out of the torrential downpour and potential hail. I passed several places where people had taken shelter – car wash bays, drive in fast food places, even bank ATM drive ups. I just kept heading towards the light. Eventually, the rain subsided. I made it to the bright spot where the sun was actually shining. Amazing. I felt it was really true that good things happen when you are focused on heading towards the light.

I Found God today in the light.

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