Up, Up and Away

Our city hosts a hot air balloon festival every year over the Labor Day weekend. I have seen them from afar the past couple of years and was very happy that I was able to go to the park to see them up close. I actually went 3 different times over the weekend and saw the balloons in 3 different settings. One morning, the air was too turbulent for them to fly, so they did some demonstrations instead. That night, my sister and I went back. We watched the balloons glow as the flaming propane filled them. This morning I went for the last time. Luckily, the weather was a little more cooperative and the balloons were able to take off. It was beautiful to watch as they hovered near the mountains and dipped down to skim the top of the lake. The people there were upbeat and positive, despite being almost shoulder to shoulder. I got a kick out of one little boy wearing a cowboy hat that was almost too big for him, a shirt that said, “cowboy’, and gloves that people wear when they are handling the balloons. He was doing his best as part of the crew to push people back as they unfolded the giant balloon. And I especially enjoyed the opportunity to try out different compositions and angles with my new camera. It was a lot of fun.

I Found God today doing something o really enjoyed.

2 comments on “Up, Up and Away

  1. You made me relive my past experiences at Acacia Park watching the balloon races early in the mornings there. We went several times during my 20 years in CO. My first experience with a hot air balloon was when our dog started barking early one morning and we heard this strange “whooshing” sound and went out on our back balcony upstairs to investigate in our pj’s! There we saw people looking right at us and waving from their balloon right in front of us!! What a sight! I’ll never forget it!!!


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