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Cookie Thief

This afternoon when my mom, her friend, and I went to lunch, we stood in line behind a woman who was ordering. She was holding a baby and her daughter, who was about 3 years old, was to the side and behind holding the stroller. There were packages of giant cookies about eye level to the little girl and I noticed she had one in her hands. Moments later, my mom said that the girl had the package opened and she had eaten about half the cookie already. My mom said she didn’t think the mom knew what was happening. The mother finished her order and turned around. She saw her daughter and practically screamed, “Where did you get that?” The daughter simply pointed to the display of the giant cookies. The mom told her that she can’t just take things. One of the men behind the counter (who looked like a manager) said that happens about a dozen times a day. Perhaps he was exaggerating. Or perhaps they should move the display. In any case, he told the mom not to worry and that he would pay for the cookie. She apologized profusely and made the little girl apologize as well. The man reassured the mom that is was OK. He said he had 7 children and he understands that things like that happen. I was impressed with his caring, lighthearted demeanor and I could see how meaningful it was to the embarrassed mother.

I Found God today in a caring restaurant employee.

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