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De-seeding Cucumbers

My mom is not supposed to eat seeds and nuts as it may encourage the diverticulitis, so if I serve her fresh veggies, I make sure to de-seed them. Today we stopped at Subway. As my mom ordered the toppings for her sandwich, she included cucumbers, which were sliced in beautiful circles. I reminded her that she shouldn’t eat them because of the seeds, so she asked if they could just be put on half as she and my dad were splitting the sandwich. The young man preparing her sandwich overheard, put the cucumbers on half, and then offered to cut the seeds out for my mom. He got a sharp knife and took the seeds out of about 6 little circles. Then, when he was finished, he cut the sandwich in half and wrapped each one individually. On my mom’s her wrote, “Hers”, with a smiley face. I thanked him multiple times for his consideration. He said that it was only right to make it the way that she wanted and could have. He acted like it was no big deal. But for us, it was a very big deal.

I Found God today in a very thoughtful and considerate young man.

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