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Mind At Ease

We recently had some hail damage to the cabin and are working on getting it fixed. One of the issues is that the rubber boot around one of the vent pipes was completely destroyed. The assessor who looked at it fixed it temporarily with about half a roll of duct tape, but there has been a lot of rain lately. We also have had problems with a tire losing air in the SUV. These things have been weighing on my dad’s mind. The other day, I got the SUV in to the tire place who patched the leaky spot in the tire. So, we made the trip to the cabin today. The tire held up fine. My dad and I checked the house all around. There is no further damage and no sign of any water leaking. My dad’s mind was put at ease and we were able to enjoy the beauty and peace of the place.

I Found God today as he eased my dad’s worries.

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