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Young Entrepreneurs

For the past week, I have been helping my sister get her toffee ready to bring to “Choctoberfest”. She brought her products to a chocolate festival in the spring and decided to participate in this one as well. It was a lot of work getting ready, but the day itself was a lot of fun. I was happy I was able to go. She sold a decent amount of toffee, cookies, and toffee dipped pretzels. I loved being a part of the side business my sister has created and seeing her success. We met and talked with a lot of people as you can imagine. I really enjoyed talking with the honey sellers whose booth was just behind ours. There were 4 guys and 1 girl all in their late 20’s. I got bits and pieces of their story as the day progressed. They all went to college together and got various jobs. Then they ended up in the same city. One of them had a degree in business. His mother had her own business making desserts. So, he combined the knowledge and started trying various ideas and recipes. His first try was toffee – ironically. After much trial and error, he ended up making different flavors of honey. The group of friends all decided to quit their jobs and go into business together. They seemed to do very well and were all very personable. I loved hearing their story and listening to the ideas they had. The day was energizing. There was such a positive energy as people encouraged one another, and enjoyed their and each other’s success.

I Found God today witnessing encouragement and success.

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