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Blessing of Family

Tonight I went to a Bible class. We just started reading the book of Exodus. One statement that really stood out to me was that God blesses people with family. In Chapter 1 of Exodus, it describes how the Pharaoh wanted to dwindle the numbers of the Israelites. He commanded the midwives to kill all the male babies that were born. But the midwives were faithful to God and they did not follow through. Because of this, God blessed them with family. I immediately became aware of my own family and how much of a blessing they are and thanked God for them. Then I also thought about groups of friends who I also consider to be family. I would say that while immediate, biological family is certainly a gift, having other close relationships that you can count on is also a huge blessing. I am grateful for both.

I Found God today realizing the blessing of biological family and those I consider family.

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